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LIVE Challenge!

  • Identify the untapped, revenue- generating and time-saving opportunities that are hiding in plain sight
  • Learn the 3 numbers that will help you pay your bills AND yourself!
  • Learn how to CREATE more TIME in your day
  • Learn one mindset shift that will give you a CEO worthy salary
  • Run your store so it doesn't run YOU!

Get $997 worth of Cathy's training for FREE!

This free challenge creates breakthrough success for brick & mortar and online retailers,

NOT by adding MORE to your plate - but by revealing the eye-opening opportunities hiding right in front of you and...

...showing you how to get the biggest possible return on your investment of time, energy and money into your store!

By the end of this challenge you’ll skip away with a personalized roadmap to a successful business that gives you freedom and that supports you - financially, creatively and emotionally

Get $997 worth of Cathy's training for FREE!

Create your Retail Success Roadmap in just 3x 60-minute sessions:

SESSION #1: CLARIFY - What's Your Richer Retailer Score?
🗓 February 15 at 8AM PT/ 10AM CT / 11AM ET

It's time to shake off the uncertainty and confusion of the last couple of years! In our kick-off session you'll get clarity on where you are, your dream destination (hello to a richer life!) - and the fastest way to get there!

SESSION #2: STRATEGIZE - The Mindset Hack that will Create More Time
🗓 February 17 at 8AM PT/ 10AM CT / 11AM ET

Band-aid solutions and relying on the next new, shiny object won't solve your problems - no matter how prettily they come wrapped. Instead, learn how to CREATE more time with one mindset shift, and learn how to run your store, so that it doesn't run YOU!

SESSION #3: ACTIVATE - The 3 Numbers That Will Help You Pay Your Bills
🗓 February 21 at 8AM PT/ 10AM CT / 11AM ET

Want to know the MOST EFFICIENT way to be able to pay your bills? I'll give you a hint: It's NOT increasing your sales! (Yup, I said it!) The fast pass to improving your cashflow is actually hiding right in front of you. You'll learn how to activate the powerful information found in your numbers!

All the action will happen inside our RETAILMavens Revolutionaries Facebook Group, and replays will be available for the duration of the challenge.

Get $997 worth of Cathy's training for FREE!

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned over the years it’s HOW TO GET RESULTS!  We have over a 50% completion rate on our Challenges because we make them super interactive & fun. The industry “norm” is sadly less than 10% for people who participate in online programs.


Get 1 raffle ticket for EVERY live session that you attend!
Earn BONUS tickets during the Challenge!

Winners will be announced in the Challenge Facebook™ Group Monday February 28

Get $997 worth of Cathy's training for FREE!

Your Retail Profit Mentor

Cathy Donovan Wagner Your Retail Profit Mentor

As a former retail store owner, RETAILMavens founder Cathy Donovan Wagner learned how to master numbers to go from near bankrupt, to owning three successful multi-million dollar stores.

“With four kids and three stores, I had to have some incredible systems in place so that I could manage it all and enjoy family time,” says Cathy. “The art of retail is in the passion of each store owner and team, the science remains the same in all stores regardless of what is being sold.”

Cathy now uses her cutting edge expertise in retail and consumer behavior to help thousands of independent retailers increase sales and improve cash flow, using her proven Profit Breakthrough SystemTM. Together with the RETAILMavens team she guides retailers to improved profitability of their stores, sleep better at night AND living a life they love, through powerful group and private coaching programs, industry speaking events and a thriving online community.  

Get $997 worth of Cathy's training for FREE!